Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What being an Artist Means to Me

I really don't remember a time when I wasn't an artist. I do remember how hard it was for me to say I was an artist. I'm not sure if it was a confidence thing or if I thought people would laugh at me and not believe me or a part of me didn't think I was good enough. Now I can tell anyone and everyone or is it the purple hair that tells them? Being an artist and being creative is everything to me. It is me.
I am trained as a graphic artist BUT I can paint, draw, design, make jewelry, make anything in clay, metalwork, fused glass, stained glass, copper enamel, lampwork, encaustics (painting), mixed media, woodwork, lettering, make paper, woodcut and if I haven't done it yet I want to! If I did it once and liked it I may do it again or I've gotten it out of my system and don't need to do it anymore.
Being an artist can take you places without leaving the studio. If I stopped making art I would be not living.

My most recent painting is a Blue Line painting in memory of my brother-in-law. 
Acrylics 36"x24".

Mixed Media Fish
Wood, paint, nails, soda cans

Ceramic Necklace

Freeform Picasso-esque Cramic Buttons
Tabletop Totem
Ceramic, copper coils
Life is...
Mixed Media, encaustics, paper, metal 4'x8' plywood.
Oil on canvas
Abstract Eye
Acrylic on paper