Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party

My Bead Soup Partner is Tania Spivey of Moobie Grace Designs. She makes beautiful Polymer Clay beads. I received 2 plus a clasp with another bead and her wonderful wire work. 
I stressed quite a while over this. Worried if I would make the deadline and not having any ideas that I thought were great. My daughter was in my studio the other day and I started pulling beads and findings out of boxes. Things are sorta still packed up from rearranging my studio. 
I found these beautiful strands of gemstone beads that I had forgotten about. They were brought from Russia and given to me by my son-in-laws mom. Perfect! The colors were just perfect. Kristen (my daughter) started throwing out ideas. She too knew I was stressed and offered help. I have been working on a large wholesale order and started a new job. I have been exhausted. Staying up till 3-4am glazing hasn't helped. I'm doing a show this entire weekend. My plate is overflowing.
Everything fell together after pulling loads of things out and putting them next to each other. Taking away and putting know how the creative process goes. 
I use bright bold colors and Tania uses, as you can see, colors from nature. The Teal and Coral colors really work nicely. This absolutely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I really don't design jewelry of this type. I'm not the dainty flower kind of person. This was quite a challenge.

I finally got the photography right! I hate the days when I am photographically impaired. The first attempt was a total bust. 
Second attempt, I managed to get one photo I wasn't totally embarrassed to show, even though I didn't.
Three's a charm! You are looking at the results. I am very pleased with these.
Clasp close up.

My Bead Soup Partner, Tania Spivey of Moobie Grace Designs. Everything Tania sent me. 
I tried to use more of what she sent but it wasn't working. 

Please visit Tania, see is a very nice person plus she does beautiful work!
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