Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm in Minneapolis waiting for thr birth of my second grandchild.
We are all patiently waiting.
Things should get back to normal when I return.
Rock On!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing everyone a lovely day. Kiss your Valentine.

My Valentine and I are going to a play, then out to dinner with friends.
Spending time with my husband and friends...perfect!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time is not on my side

My daughter Kristen is pregnant and due with her second child. Her due date is February 25th.
I am racing to get as much done, orders filled, shipped etc. She was going to be induced next week so it could be planned and I would be there to take care of Anastasia, but she changed her mind. Since babies don't come when you want them to I wait for the call so I can drive like a mad person from Cincinnati to Minneapolis. No, I don't like road trips but financially a plane ticket is not in the cards. My 13 hour trek could potentially be any day.
Kristen, Artem and Anastasia moved from Cincy to Minneapolis last year for Artem's job. They really don't know anyone in Minnie.
It's the end of the pregnancy and she is miserable. I totally understand.
We sit and wait...
I need more time to get work done so I'm hoping she doesn't go into labor till the week of the 25th. Crossing my fingers.
February in Minnesota...sign me up! Not really.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving Day

It's officially moving day!
I have moved my blog from living on my webserver at to
I may love the change or hate it. So I play the waiting game. Originally I hosted my blog myself because I had an older Mac and I couldn't access blogger. The browser and system couldn't be upgraded on the old computer. My computer was upgraded last year for my birthday.
Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Tie your Buttons On

Originally posted 12/20/08 on and

This simple solution shows you how to put art buttons on your garments and also be able to take them off easily. You will be able to wash your coats and sweaters without your art buttons attached and they won’t get damaged.

Start with an art button. A needle with a large eye. Make sure the needle fits through the button holes. 18" of ribbon for each button to match your garment.

Thread your needle with your ribbon. From the back side of your garment, mine is a chenille coat, bring your needle through to the front of your garment.

Take the needle through both button holes then back through your garment to the inside.

Take your needle off of the ribbon and tie in a pretty bow.
Ta Da! You're done.
Now when you wear your coat open you see a pretty ribbon tied in a bow.
When you need to wash your garment, untie bow take off the button & ribbon and wash.
You can easily re-attach your art button again after cleaning.
It takes maybe 2 minutes, tops.

Option #2
If you're not into pretty bows try this.
Use 8" of ribbon threaded onto your needle for each button. Start on the outside of your garment. Take the needle through one of the buttonholes and garment, then back up through the garment and other buttonhole. Tie in a knot.

For more dimension add a bead on top of the button using the same directions as above, then tie off using an overhand knot.