Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grandma Lady

I'm a grandma again! Way too young to be a grandma at 48, even though I love it! I was in Minneapolis last week for the birth of Alexander Jack. A beautiful, healthy 8lb8oz baby boy. This is my daughter Kristen and Artem's (husband), second child. Shown also is big sister Anastasia who calls me "Grandma Lady." It's been quite an adjustment for her especially at 2 1/2. Kristen is my oldest child. Kali, in the second picture, who is beaming as she holds Alexander, she is my youngest child. There is a sixteen year difference between she and Kristen. It's insane, I know. We have yours, mine and ours. Kali is ours, Kristen is mine, with 4 more in between of mine(2) and yours(2).
My life revolves around my family. I have weeks where I don't seem to accomplish much at all in the studio. It's really tough when there are orders to fill. I have a family with 3 still at home, they have to come first.
Don't get me wrong I have many days where I want to lock myself in my studio and ignore everything so I can get work done. It's tough to ignore the banging on the door :) and the what's for dinner question!