Sunday, February 15, 2015

ABS Editors Take February Monthly Challenge

I was testing glaze colors on these pendants from my Celtic Collection. They are from Duncan's Courtyard Collection of glazes. You get interesting lights and darks depending on how thick the glaze is applied. My favorite is the top pendant that has more of the orange rusty colors. 
The painting has a range of reds, salmon, orange, pink and a bit of brown (in the butterfly), along with the pale yellow background. 
The pendants will go in the Bead Monthly Challenge on Pinterest.

Visit all the participating editors pages.


Claire Lockwood said...

How weird! I've been using that range. Just this morning I've been stringing up bead sets in these colours! These are lovely. I need to experiment some more with the range! Yours look more like how I imagined they'd look than my do!

Rebecca said...

It's my favourite too Tari! A gorgeous glaze.

Unknown said...

I like how the knot expresses a flower and the colors are wonderful!

TesoriTrovati said...

I love to see how magical the glazes are. Thanks for sharing! Sorry that I didn't post my new pendants. Hopefully soon! Enjoy the day. Erin