Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time is not on my side

My daughter Kristen is pregnant and due with her second child. Her due date is February 25th.
I am racing to get as much done, orders filled, shipped etc. She was going to be induced next week so it could be planned and I would be there to take care of Anastasia, but she changed her mind. Since babies don't come when you want them to I wait for the call so I can drive like a mad person from Cincinnati to Minneapolis. No, I don't like road trips but financially a plane ticket is not in the cards. My 13 hour trek could potentially be any day.
Kristen, Artem and Anastasia moved from Cincy to Minneapolis last year for Artem's job. They really don't know anyone in Minnie.
It's the end of the pregnancy and she is miserable. I totally understand.
We sit and wait...
I need more time to get work done so I'm hoping she doesn't go into labor till the week of the 25th. Crossing my fingers.
February in Minnesota...sign me up! Not really.


Beverly Herman said...

Congratulations on having a new grand baby on the way. Travel safe when the time arrives.

Tari of said...

I'm glad my package yesterday.