Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving Day

It's officially moving day!
I have moved my blog from living on my webserver at to
I may love the change or hate it. So I play the waiting game. Originally I hosted my blog myself because I had an older Mac and I couldn't access blogger. The browser and system couldn't be upgraded on the old computer. My computer was upgraded last year for my birthday.
Welcome and thanks for stopping by!


Tari of said...

Yeah! The comment box works now!!
Yippee Skippee Skeeter!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Tari, yup, looks like it works now. I just wanted to leave a note to say your new blog is looking great!


Beverly Herman said...

Tari, I have been using blogspot for 4 years and have been very happy with it. Your blog looks great!

Tari of said...

Thanks to both of you!!
Beverly my package for the bead cruise shipped today. You should get it by Friday.