Saturday, July 21, 2012

Art Bead Scene: Studio Saturday - Creative Impressions In Clay

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This week we visit the studio of Tari Sasser at 
Creative Impressions In Clay.
It's summer. My daughter and grandchildren have been in the country for nearly a month and will be leaving Tuesday to go back to Oslo. How could time go so fast?
The goings on in the studio have been slow. I've been working on glazing orders in between grandchildren running in. They love coming in to the studio where "grandma lady" works, "yets go to the tudio." There is a stash of licorice that is the incentive to go there more often. Alexander, 3, points to everything and tells me "my do dat when my bigger." He is hilarious. He will be using pliers, wire cutters, drills, pottery wheel and other assorted tools when "my is bigger." My will miss them very much come Tuesday.
Summer is filled with shows for many. Busy, busy, busy. Mine is filled with children and not much time in the studio. I would love to start to do more shows but I wouldn't trade my time with my grandchildren for anything!

My question this week is:
How is your summer going?

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Feeling sassy as usual.
Tari Sasser


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