Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vintaj Art Bead Partner

My month as Vintaj's Art Bead Partner is coming to a close. 
I wanted show all the designs the gang at Vintaj made with my pieces. 
The theme was Carnival Ferris Wheel.
Sweet Treats
Fancy Free
Fun Day at the Fair
Carnival Ferris Wheel
Carnival Lights
Remembering the Fair
Ring Toss
Ticket to Ride
Carnival Nights
Summer Fair
Thanks Vintaj!! It's been great to see your creations! 

20% Until 8/15/11 using code ABP20


Pretty Things said...

OMG those are all SO my type! That first pair of earring, holy crow. I want these, all of them!!!

LissC said...

what fun pieces!!

Jennifer Jangles said...

I love the Fun Day at the Fair necklace, it's great!

Patternsforbeads said...

Uuw! I love bracelets and the "Fair" bracelets are way cool! Love the use of big pieces with dainty fabric. The metal elements remind of being at a fair where there is a lot of colorful things and metal machines to ride. Great summer creations.

Birthday gift ideas said...

I like the stripes of vibrant colors that you have used in the beads...looks so very amazing.The threading is also interesting adding feathers and stuff...nice creations.