Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a Day

There are days you feel that computers just hate you. Not that they have feelings but I'm sure they are out to get us. I have been having problems with my Photoshop. Every time you try to open a file it crashes. So reinstalled my CS3. Still crash and burn. Reinstall + updates. But yet more crash and burn.
I had bought a 1TB external drive to back up my computer daily through Time Machine. It's been set up for 2 weeks, no problem computer is backed up if anything goes wrong or Tari reformats her hard drive.
"Make it so number one," computer reformatted. Great, fantastic, troubles should be gone...HAH! I laugh in your face.
Let's put files back onto computer...try number one. Copying fine then the external drive decides it doesn't want to finish. Try again, now it's a constant unmounting of the drive. Can't transfer files if the drive doesn't show up. I'm getting frustrated, panicked, visions of begging and with pleading tech guys at Microcenter to do whatever it takes to retrieve my files.
I'm getting off and on cooperation from my iomega drive, enough to find my CS3 installation files. Reinstall CS3 files. C-R-A-S-H. Aaaaaaahh. It's 2am. I need so go to bed so I can get up at 6am. I'm at the "I'm so tired and frustrated and beginning to cry stage." Transfer attempt #999 (slight exaggeration), what, you want to cooperate now! This drive has a little compassion sensing my nervous breakdown. It's working, it's working....IT'S ALIVE! Sorta. I'll find out in the morning, wait it is the morning 2:30am. As I'm falling asleep, I realize I need to do a clean install of CS3, uninstall then reinstall all the programs.
Done. Updates, updates and yet another round of updates. I keep thinking, I need Photoshop so I can get my Art Bead Scene post and banners finished and posted this morning. Oh, and I'm teaching a cooking class at a local middle school today. No idea what I'm doing let alone if I have all the ingredients. I would laugh if I wasn't panicked. I need a shower too!
All of my email is gone, address book, calendar, and bookmarks. The fun of reformatting a computer. But Photoshop works!! Score! ABS things done and posted. I get cooking class figured out run to the shower. If the day hadn't been challenging enough it's now raining cats and dogs, kittens and puppies. Stopping at the grocery store for the missing items is not that appealing. I get wet getting to the car and loading it. Wet running in and out of the store. Since I am now late, parking is non-existant. I'm hoofing it from East Jesus land in torrential rain pulling a wheeled duffel, grocery bag, umbrella and wearing my rain coat I use when coaching. That's an attractive image in your head.
Dealing with kids that aren't yours with only 3.5hrs of sleep can be a challenge. Class is done, monkey bread and no bake cookies a success. Pack it all up and hoof it back in yet, you guess it, more rain! Yeah for spring rain. Now I am the one who crashes and burns, take a nap for 2 hours. Who's cooking now that it's almost 8pm? Good thing I have a stash of my turkey chili hiding in the freezer. Waiter, I'll have the chili.
So here I am finishing up more blogging stuff, happy my Photoshop is still working. Tomorrow is another day to locate more files and try to remember passwords that were stored and are gone.
Peace and love,


TesoriTrovati said...

Hang in there Tari! I feel like I am about to have one of those months as well where all the days are ganging up on me and nothing will go as planned.


Enjoy the day!