Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making Connections-Sundance Film Festival and Golden Globe Awards

Creative Impressions in Clay postcard in the middle.

I have joined a Facebook Group called the Indie Exhibit/
It is a group of independent artists who are represented and participate in the Gift Lounges of the award shows for the celebrities.

The group is run by the sister duo Shannon Justice and Nikki Cutro, both are artists. This dynamic duo were recently at the Golden Globe Award and The Sundance Film Festival.
Artists pay to have products, business cards, or postcards. Or pay for display space on the table. I paid for my postcard to be in the swag bag for both GG and Sundance.

Creative Impressions in Clay postcard in the middle.

These are a couple shots that were taken of products given away in the bags. I'm taking it slow to see if I can make a connection that might help to boost my business. I have no idea if anything will become of my investment. New venues are needed to try and expand. 
I myself am not a gaga over celebrities type of person. They are people that have made it to the top of their field, acting. I would be a gaga over a visual artist type of person because I can relate to the amount of work that goes into making your art.
The next show I am participating in is the Kids Choice Awards.
Most likely the Emmy Awards. 
It's all about connections. Time to go out on a limb.


Third Eye Gypsy said...

Good luck to you on this endeavor! Your stuff is so beautiful! I'm sure everyone will love it!

I'm not gaga over stars either. They are just people like us ;)

Much love,


Artfully Decadent said...

Celebrities are, indeed, just like us, but with oodles of power, money, influence and the ability to wear something that gets the attention of millions. So, gaga or not-one star's wearing your design and all the sudden, you could be on a national map.
Good luck, Tari! Let us know how it goes!