Saturday, May 1, 2010

This Week

It's been quite a week. My son tripped at our soccer game last Thursday and injured his wrist. We spent several hours at Children's Hospital waiting for the Radiologist to read the X-rays.
Thursday we went back to see the Orthopedist at Children's. A long wait just to get in a room, let alone get another X-ray. Several hours later we left to get an MRI.
The X-ray showed a fracture but he wasn't experiencing pain on the bone that had the supposed fracture. Pain was on the opposite side of the wrist. Getting an MRI would settle the debate as to whether he had a fracture. Hours later the result was there was no fracture. But where he was having pain on the opposite side there was a bone bruise. That shows up really well on an MRI. The tech let us look. My technical son had to see what the result of laying in an awkward position for very long time in a VERY loud MRI machine. Amazing what it shows. This was my entire day.

The beginning of my week consisted of carving 4 new prototypes of 4 new button designs for a wholesale client. Now I need to make a mold and samples. 
Soccer practice this week also for this coach, who is happy that her main defensive player can play in the game today! Yeah for MRI's!